Casting Call for Wrestling-related Webseries

Beyond Ringside, a six-episode dramatic webseries that explores how southern professional wrestling promoters could have reacted to the national expansion of WWE in the 1980s, is looking for actors to join its cast. The series focuses on the conflict between various promoters and their star wrestlers as they seek to find a way to protect their interests as the industry changes around them. Think professional wrestling meets Game of Thrones.

Casting will be completed by Friday, Feb. 17, 2017, while shooting is set for March 19 & 26 in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with release on YouTube and Vimeo set for June 2017. Actors cast will receive a credit and DVD copy of the finished webseries as compensation. The parts marked ** are considered physically demanding (fight scenes, etc. However, no actual wrestling will take place in the series. The series contains adult language, situations and violence).

Please email if you are interested in being cast, with ‘CASTING’ in the subject line. While experience is ALWAYS welcome, no acting experience is necessary, but enthusiasm and and a good attitude is.

Main Cast List for Beyond Ringside

The Thumper** —Arguably the most popular wrestler in the United States. African-American male, late 20s, early 30s.

Miranda Ritter —Widow of promoter Harry Ritter. Disputed ownership stake in Peach State Promotions. Mid-30s to early 40s.

Paul “Tibby” Thibideaux** —Owner/Promoter, Southern States Wrestling (MS, LA, OK, Houston)

Pete DavisOwner/Promoter, East Coast Promotions (Carolinas, VA, W. VA)

“Mad” Max Moline**World champion wrestler, in the twilight of his career

Promoters in Global Wrestling Association

Graham StevensOwner/Promoter, Sunshine State Wrestling (Florida), president of Global Wrestling Association

Karl “Oil Rig” AddisonOwner/Promoter, Western States Wrestling (Dallas, west TX)

William “Billy” TraegerOwner/Promoter, Gulf South Wrestling (Alabama/Fla. Panhandle, east MS, east TN)

Randolph “Randy” O’MalleyPart-owner/Promoter, Peach State Promotions (Georgia, east AL)


Pam** —Early 30s, wife of ‘The Thumper’

Dana**Early 20s, girlfriend of ‘The Thumper’

Danny BayleReferee/runner for Graham Stevens

Hired Muscle 1**

Hired Muscle 2**

Extras: Attorneys for boardroom scene (6), bar patrons, random fans


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