I’m having a lot of trouble keeping track of the things I need to be doing every day (and then every week, every month, and so on. And so forth, too).

When you’re a busy person–and who isn’t these days?–it’s easy to let things slide off your plate. You do the best you can, right? Some days things just don’t get done. The floor doesn’t get swept. Maybe the kids don’t get a bath that day. And then projects at work start dropping off your radar.


That last one ought to be a wakeup call to any freelancer. And it’s one I’ve definitely found myself struggling with. If it wasn’t so long, this would be sort of a subtweet: Late last year, I kind of got volunteered for a project for a website that I freelance with. It was a lot of work, with no direct monetary value in it for me, personally. The site would benefit greatly from the project, though, and as a result, my earnings would also increase.

It was a big project, and it was also one I didn’t mind tackling, because the benefit could pay off enormously down the road. However, despite the work I put in, it didn’t pay off. Advertising for my work didn’t pan out the way it should have, and I’ve been sort of down in the dumps about it ever since. Nobody’s fault, really. Nonetheless, it’s put me off my game.

I can’t afford that.

My freelancing brings in significant money each month, so I need to find a way out of the mental and emotional hole in which I’ve found myself. I’m working with a productivity app to make some things happen. There are things I’m fairly good at, like getting to the gym (almost) every day, and making sure my kids have enough to eat and that they aren’t strangling each other (or anyone else). But I fail a lot of the times at the other things that are important to me. And I’d like to change that.

I’m not going to do a long list of the things that I’m planning to do (because that never seems to work out well for me), but I will share a couple of those things: 1) submit freelance stories weekly, to paying markets; and 2) write one short fiction story a month (no more than 10,000 words).

Oh, and one more: Write at least one blog entry per week. I can check that one off the list now!

Wish me luck!

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