Work Samples

Selected nonfiction articles:

UA Professors Talk Bernie Sanders’ Upstart Presidential Candidacy

UA’s Guide to What to Watch for in 2014 Midterm Elections

Calling All Birds

Securing Safey: Former CIA Officer Leads Cyber Research

UA’s Mobile Hearing Center Unveiled

UA Professor Examines Cultural Impact of Barbecue on Alabama

Symposium Examines Student Perceptions of Race Relations at UA

UA Professor to be Inducted into First Alabama Writers Hall of Fame

UA Professor Details How Chemical Dumping Affects Anniston

New Survey Data Shows 90 Percent of All College Students Feel Unprepared to Repay Student Loans

New Report Outlines Best Practices for Emergency Grant Programs Aimed at Improving College Graduation and Persistence Rates

Selected Op-Ed/Blogging:

Change Is Good, But Change Is Also Scary

There’s No Replacement For Honesty In Media Relations

Asking The Extra Question

Who Cares? That’s The Question You Have To Answer In PR

PR Lessons From Merle Haggard

Goodbye to the Birmingham News

Selected Sports Lists:

15 Fighters Who Hit Rock Bottom After Leaving the UFC

The 8 Best (and 7 worst) Years in WWE History

15 Wrestlers the WWE Was Right to Release

15 Forgotten First-Round NFL Draft Picks

Longform reportage:

A Ghost Story: How a Long-forgotten Territory Still Haunts the WWE

Pieces of History: An Appreciation of Wrestling Title Belts

Strange Bedfellows: Politics, a Playground for Ex-Wrestlers

Stealing the Territory: How Ron Garvin and Bob Roop Led a Wrestlers’ Rebellion

Book reviews:

Starting the New Year off with a ‘Flash Bang’ by Kellen Burden

The Rented Mule by Bobby Cole

Allen Schatz’s ‘Game 7: Dead Ball’ and the death of the mid-list

‘Empire of Lies’ by Andrew Klavan

‘Red’ by Kait Nolan

‘Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz

Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

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